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Veronica O'Grady

Beautiful Bill...one of the most eloquent, clear guidance I've seen...thank you! :~)

Bill Attride

Dear Veronica, Thank you for your kind words. I have always enjoyed working with clients "one on one". Now, with the blog, I am enjoying the opportunity to connect to many more people. So, thank you very much. Bill

Veronica O'Grady

Interesting...my friend is teaching me how to do a blog for the same reason. And setting up a new website in conjunction with it. Still a ways to go but seeing your effect with people really inspires me to want it done sooner. Been doing one on one healing sessions and teaching small classes in the work i do for eons now and its time to get 'out there' and offer it to more people. Its such a joy.

Your work is inspirational and your kindness, mastery and true vision really come through your words. Thank you. I'll be reading them regularly. Re-posting your site on both of my FB accounts so others can benefit as well. Passing on the good juju. :~)

Peace & sweet journey to you!
~Veronica O'Grady

Bill Attride

Dear Veronica, I have always approached my work as very private, very confidential. I did not seek or want the "spotlight" even though a number of opportunities presented themselves over the years...but it just seemed right at this time, to move out and extend the service in a wider way.

Thank you so much for re-posting, I very much appreciate your sharing these messages with your friends and clients...Warm wishes to you, Bill

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