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"Today a cycle of self-realization closes, you are finished with that form. You have learned much from what was made of the last cycle"
Tell us Bill...what was the last cycle? When did it occur?

Bill Attride

Dear Cecilia,

Well, there are many cycles to consider when you are looking at "self-realization". This particular transiting Sun to transiting Saturn, which resonates for everyone equally, lasts roughly one year. The previous cycle began on 10/13/2011, reached the first quarter (Sun square Saturn) on 1/19/2012, the "Full Moon" (Sun opposite Saturn) on 4/15/2012 and the last quarter (Sun square Saturn) on 7/15/2012.

Each of these turning points would be a time to reflect upon one's self-realization, to look back at where one has been, to consider where one is in the Now, and to look with hope to the future...a future which they are making by how they act in the Now as the creator of that future reality.

But in an individual's real Astrological Chart, you would want to consider the cycle of the Sun over their own Saturn placement, again lasting about a year...and of even greater significance would be the Saturn cycle to their Sun placement which would trace out a pattern of self-unfoldment that would last for almost 30 years.

There are wheels within wheels when trying to ascertain the messages of the stars...but the meanings are there, and they provide inspiration and guidance to one and all.

Dc Covino

This is the day that jim died. I guess it kinda fits.?

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